ProtoCAD Designs Provides Estimates with Material Take-Offs in Hours, Not Weeks

At ProtoCAD Designs, we use Navisworks automation to unlock data within a BIM model and produce accurate and sortable bill of materials in a matter of hours, not weeks. ProtoCAD reduces lead time, minimizes labor costs and maximizes value by quickly creating hyper-accurate BIM MTO quantities for estimating purposes.

Rapid MTO Generation!

Modern BIM models are embedded with a treasure trove of data. So much that in many cases this info gets lost and many organizations don’t utilize it past coordination and clash detection. The reasoning: They didn’t know its there, it’s difficult to extract, it takes too long to learn, we have a deadline.

Navis Data Extract
iConstruct Data Export

When dealing with something as Byzantine as a CAD database, many will abandon their efforts to mine the data. Often, Preconstruction Managers will default to what they know: old-school, tedious, predictable, labor intensive — but it works. Detailed manual takeoffs involve measuring and counting every segment of pipe and fitting in the model. Every. Single. Item.


Large industrial projects with tens of thousands of lineal feet of pipe can require a team of four to six people weeks to get an accurate take off. These costs must be baked into the bidding process for all projects — If you get awarded the contract.


We have the tools. We have the experience. We have the know-how. Let us help you out.


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